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Why Retrosance?

Basket of garden vegetables

Gas Prices sky rocketing? Food prices increase. Farm equipment on back log? Food prices increase. Supply chain slowdown? Food prices increase.

With the way things in our current economy have been going, and continue to go, we are all suffering from the cost of food increasing dramatically. Soon (maybe too soon for some), having fresh produce may be out of the question. Which also means a decline in health and nutrition. When obtaining food starts to get difficult, people start to get desperate. What do we do about it?

Feeling overwhelmed about money and prices sky rocketing

"Learning to Garden" sounds overwhelming! Or "I live in a small space", "I'm too far from a grocery store", or "How can I make sure I include good nutrition in my life at a low price" are things you might be telling yourself, and just feeling more overwhelmed about!

But this is exactly why we created Retrosance. Here at retrosance we want to give people back the sense of control and power over their food that they once had. We aren't just another fertilizer company. No, we are a lifestyle company! Let us tell you how Retrosance can change your way of life and help give you the skills you need to grow your own food, and revolutionize the way planting is looked at!

Why our plant nutrition is different

Just like humans, plants have "categories" of needs. Most of the fertilizer you find at the store is what a lot of people call "N-P-K" or the 3 basic plant nutrients, Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium. Think of it as how humans need "Carbs, Proteins, and Fats" to survive everyday. Giving your plants these essential nutrients is important, yes. But if I gave you a magic box that had the right amount of "carbs, proteins, and fats" in pills that you needed everyday for the rest of your life, and nothing else-- would you be happy? No way! Give me that variety and abundance! Please don't deprive me of good tasting food combinations! Furthermore, humans don't just need carbs, proteins, and fats to survive. We need vitamins, minerals, and as science as been discovering most recently, essential probiotics. I could go into a long discussion on how it is believed probiotics effect your gut, your anxiety, even the way you sleep at night... but I'll spare you the time. In short, know that probiotics (or in our industry as we call them, microbes) are what make the difference!

A girl and boy child gardening together

Getting back to our point, plants are the exact same way. They don't just need their "Carbs-Proteins-Fats" or in plant terms "N-P-K". They need so much more. They need vitamins and probiotics just as we humans do. But most fertilizing companies aren't selling those things, and few to no other company is selling plant probiotics to residential customers... except Retrosance. That's right, we uniquely sell soil microbes for your plants. We also like to call these Soil Conditioners or Soil Amendments.

All of our soil conditioner products and soil amendments are all natural. We don't use chemicals like other fertilizer companies. Even our N-P-K essential nutrients are from natural sources and whatever is not taken up by the plant, simply biodegrades in the soil. Fun fact: An excess of phosphorus in most chemical fertilizers can contaminate your water. But our phosphorus is 100% biodegradable. Yes, we are introducing a whole new level of plant nutrition.

What do Soil Microbes and Soil Conditioners do?

Plant Roots in soil photo showing effects of soil conditioner

Great question! The reason we use microbes at all is because of how exponentially BETTER they are! Our scientists have researched what microbes exist in healthy soils, and taken those same microbes and put them into our soil conditioners. What do these microbes do? All sorts of things, but most importantly, they break down nutrients that are already in your soil (but aren't in a form plants can eat), and make them plant available. For example, when you buy bananas or oranges at the store you need to take them home and take off their peels before you eat them. Just as we have to make it "human available" for consumption, microbes make nutrients "plant available" for plant consumption. Otherwise.. they just sit in the soil, and you keep dumping chemicals on them that you otherwise would not need to do. Let's just remove that step.

Football field turf aerial photo

Another helpful thing about the microbes in our soil conditioners is that they form symbiotic bonds with plant roots to help them get nutrients and water in places they otherwise would not be able to get into. These microbes are beneficial fungi also called mycorrhizae. Give it a good hard look into your google search bar and you'll see how cool mycorrhizae is! Mother Nature is a genuis! We just try to harness her awesomeness and power into a bottle, and it works. Little fun fact: our products are praised and sought after by field managers in charge of the turf for professional sports teams. But we try not to brag too much.. at least not yet ;)

Not just a fertilizer company, a lifestyle company

Good, if you're still reading this we've done a good job so far. We've wet your palette with why Retrosance could be a good idea, we've nerded out on some hard science with how our products are just the better choice, but now let's get into the good stuff. What makes us a lifestyle company, instead of just another fertilizer company?


Grandfather helping child garden

Let's be real. Gardening (especially for first timers) can be OVERWHELMING! It's a sharp learning curve, and most people I talk to feel super vulnerable when they start out. For some, even paralyzing so they don't even try. We don't want you to feel that way. Not only because we know we have superior and amazing products, but also because it is liberating and there's a serious sense of JOY when you watch something grow! I think its part of human nature. To see a plant grow and enjoy it! You work for it, you love it, and then it produces something for you-- be it fruit, or a vegetable, or it's herbal leaves. Whatever it may be, growing is joyful! But it also provides you the sense of freedom and control over your life where you can be indpendent of rising food prices-- no matter how small of a space you life in! Sometimes, you just need someone to show you how, or that it's possible. That's what we are here for!

Tomatoes growing in window

Here are Retrosance, we also offer courses in gardening. This will be for anyone living in the smallest apartment (yay for vertical gardening!), to a good sized outside yard. Any time of year, any space.

Did you know that there have been studies done that have shown that produce you buy at your local grocery store has 50% less nutrients than it did in the 1950s? That's like cutting your produce in half, and replacing a half of it with eating carboard. Not only are you not getting the full amount of nutrition you COULD be getting-- but you're going to eat more, until you feel satisfied.

This is yet another reason why we champion growing even a few plants in your windowsill (we accept the challenge to helping you feel so confident in your growing that you'll grow more) for more control and nutrition. We are only able to do this because of our amazing soil conditioners and natural fertilizers. But also, we have experts to teach you how to grow in any space.

Urban garden with recycled tires and plastics for pots

Say "yes" to the Retrosance Lifestyle

To summarize, food prices are ever climbing, as gas climbs, supply chain issues, and farming equipment are on back stock and people get desperate. We have the perfect tools for you to not only LEARN how to grow, but also the right natural fertilizers and soil conditioners to help your plants actually succeed... all while harnessing the power of mother nature to be more successful, and eco-friendly.

Mother and Sun with Giant Cabbage

S U B S C R I B E T O D A Y !

Also check out on instagram (@retrosance), facebook (Retrosance) and twitter (@retrosancelife)


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