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Retrosance Saves Water

Watering can showering down water on plants

It seems in today's world droughts are more common, and water shortages are increasing. When you're gardening, learning how to grow your own food, or even trying to keep up a nice lawn it can get pretty frustrating in the least. How can you sustain your plants without the essential need for water? Luckily for you, Retrosance can help.

From previous posts you've learned that Retrosance focuses on building good soil. Good soil harnesses the power of strong roots, and strong roots are what enables plants to live to their full potential. It is the key to plant health. We focus on "Soil Amendments" which (unlike "fertilizer) is what strengthens those roots. Furthermore, as your roots get stronger, they actually require less water, because they're able to 1) Get lower into the soil (say yes to accessing more water), and 2) get into places they otherwise would not have been able to get into (thank you mycorrhizae!)

Woman in overalls watering squash plants with watering can

Stronger Plants Means Less Water

As you use our soil conditioners and all natural products, your plants will not only have stronger roots, but will be able to fight off pathogens simply because they're healthier. Think of it like someone whose spent their whole life exercising and eating well. They are less likely to get diseases and other ailments. The same goes with your plants. By giving your plants exactly what they need and when they need it during the growing season, you're literally helping them have a healthy diet--unlike with conventional chemical fertilizers. This includes sending you products in the summer to help reduce heat stress on your lawn and garden.

In turn your healthy plants need less water because they're able to protect themselves and get down deep. This is perfect for situations where water is limited or there are city orders to use less water. Our only advice is to just be sure to keep your water bill as proof to the nosy neighbor whose jealous that you're lawn is thriving green and your garden is abundantly producing.

Subscribe today and learn for yourself how Retrosance will revolutionize the way you grow!

Wet Grass being watered by sprinklers

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