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  • How do I apply the products?
    Retrosance’s liquid treatment plan will always come with a set of instructions. However, we understand that sometimes those can get lost! If that is the case, please see below for how to apply: 1. Initially, you will want to spray your lawn or garden with water to prepare the soil. Be sure to water everywhere you intend to apply Retrosance products for at least 1-2 minutes. 2. Mix the contents of this month's treatment with water in a watering can or bucket. One application is enough to cover approximately 1,000 square feet of garden, so mix with enough water to treat each plant at the roots. Don't think of this as "watering," but as spot treating each plant. Then you can go back and water your garden as usual to help the treatment soak all the way to the roots. QUICK TIP: For best results, apply first thing in the morning or (almost as good) in the evening (avoiding the hottest part of the day).
  • Can I use this on cactus and succulents
    Yes! Retrosance products can be used on all plants. Please see our question "Can I use this on potted plants?" for more details.
  • Can I use Retrosance on potted plants?
    YES! Absolutely! Our products are great for all plants, including potted plants. To apply, simply mix 1/2 cup of product in one gallon of water. Higher concentrations of a cup of product per gallon can give your plants an occasional boost. Apply this water/liquid soil amendment mixture at the base of your plants when you water them. Repeat this process at least once a week. For cactus and succulents especially, make sure to add this water mixture straight into the soil (below the crown of the succulents, or at the base of the cactus) in order to avoid getting the plant itself wet and creating potential sun damage.
  • How often do I apply product on my garden or lawn?
    We will send you a new package of products to apply every month. Plants have different needs throughout the growing season--so their care should change over time. The formulation for each month has been carefully analyzed against season, weather, temperatures, growth cycles, and production. As such, we send you the exact products your plants need in that very moment. We recommend you apply the product within a month from when we send it to you.
  • Is it possible to "over-apply"?
    In short, no. Because we use all-natural ingredients in our products and our microbial products are all registered organic, you will not be exposed to any toxicities that need to be diluted out. Additional product will not burn or harm plants like many traditional fertilizers. Just make sure you treat all the plants that need it. Giving them more than prescribed will only make your soil more productive.
  • Can I use these products on anything besides my garden?
    Yes! Retrosance's product line can be used on trees, shrubs, foliage, flowers, fruit and vegetable crops and lawns. Always read the instructions to make sure the product is applied correctly. Retrosance products can be applied alongside other soil treatments.
  • Why do I need to re-apply the products?
    Heat and water stress can cause microbes to die or become inactive. Mycorrhizae (beneficial plant fungus) helps your plants obtain water and nutrients that the plant roots would otherwise be unable to access. Microbes (including the ones that promote mycorrhizae growth) must be reapplied frequently in order to make sure the relationship between the mycorrhizae and plant roots is at its peak.
  • What if my garden (or lawn) is larger than 5,000 square feet?
    If you know you will be covering a larger area than the recommended "up to 5,000 square feet," we recommend ordering a second subscription that will cover up to 10,000 square feet between both subscriptions. If you know you will be covering even more than that, please send us an email through our contact page and we will get you what you need through our commercial landscaping route at our best rates!
  • Can I use this in the winter?
    Yes! Winter is the perfect time to bring potted plants indoors, and to start seedlings for Spring! Because of this, we are happy to send you product all year long (even in the winter) so you can be ready for Spring, and/or keep your potted plants thriving.
  • How can I tell if it is working?
    There are several ways to know if it the product is working. You will notice an increase of root mass (bigger roots and/or more roots). Your plants will require less water as the roots will have access to more of the soil profile. Vegetables in your garden will look heartier and healthier. Grass will recover from overuse faster, as the roots are able to better utilize the nutrients in the soil. You will start to notice the leaves of your plants getting greener after about a week. It takes about 6 weeks to notice a difference in root changes, but they will come!
  • Can I pause my subscription?
    Unfortunately, we do not have this feature at this time but hope to get it in the future as our business grows! For now if you do not wish to have product come to your home you will have to cancel your subscription. If you sign up again for our product you will be sent our starter pack and get right back on schedule!
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