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Our Mission & The Word "Retrosance"

Zion National Park Man looking at Nature's beauty from healthy soils

Why the word "Retrosance" and what does it have to do with our mission?

We wanted to use the word "Retrosance" for our company because of the essence of our mission. We took the root word Retro meaning "to bring something back from the past" and Sance from "to revive" (must like the word Renaissance means the revival of the arts and literature)

Girl planting in a project with soil conditioners

Reviving the past. The past? How far back into the past? As far back as there is to. What / who is the oldest thing on earth? Mother Nature herself. We are reviving the past of mother nature.

We do this because we use ALL natural products, and we do it in ways she's been doing it for millions of years; Soil Amendments, Soil Conditioners, whatever you call it-- they are tiny microbes or micro organisms in our soil.

Moist Healthy soils from soil conditioners

So many fertilizer companies focus on everything above the ground, and end up poisoning your plants AND your water system! But if you take a look at what mother nature is doing below the surface, you'd be amazed! In a single handful of healthy soil, there are TRILLIONS of tiny bacteria and other micro-organisms that make it possible for plants to survive!

These mico-organisms do everything from:

1. Breaking down nutrients into forms plants can eat them

2. Creating symbiotic relationships (let's just call this a mutual beneficial friendship) with plant roots can get into cracks or other places they other wise would not be able to get into-- to get nutrients and water. In turn, the plant feeds the micro-organism.

3. Recycling old nutrients

4. Composting dead organic matter

5. Creating a perfectly balanced environment between the right amount of moisture, and not being too dry of a soil for your plants.


Beautiful landscape with waterfalls as mother nature knows how to grow

Let's be honest. How many other "fertilizer" companies can you name that sell these little guys to a residential market? That's right, zero! We are the ONLY company that sells Mother Nature's secret to residential owners! We know the secrets, we've done the work, and we're making this available to YOU! The soil is where it is at. It's the secret of nature.

So we invite you to join us in what we call the "Microbe Revolution" throw out those old poisonous fertilizers, and subscribe to our ALL natural soil conditioners and soil amendments to bring back the health of your soil the way Mother Nature always intended it to be.

Mom and child planting in trellised garden

We are doing it the way she does. Or in other words we are starting "A New Wave, of Mother Nature's Old Ways"


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