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The Retrosance Retrocharge 12-week program uses nature's processes and building blocks to revitalize your soil and to nourish your plants with the nutrients they need through each part of the growth cycle. 


The Retrocharge 12-week system is easy to use. Your starting pack will provide you with the smiple tools you need, along with the organic and natural products your plants need each week for the first four weeks. 


Included will be

1. The Retrocharge 12 week Application GUIDE

2. The Natural and Organic products for the next 4 weeks

3. A watering can

4. A measuring cup 


Application is simple as you use a regular (provided) watering can to mix your products with water and pout onto your planting soil. A different mix of microbes or nturients are used each week (as prescribed on the application guide).


You will receive a subsequent mailing in time for weeks 5-8 with the nutrients neede for that part of the growth cycle, and then a third mailed package with the nutrients your plants need will come with weeks 9 through 12. You will be billed automatically with each mailing. 

Garden & Potted Plants Pack

Watering Can
Price Options
All Natural GardenPk
$99.00every month until canceled
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