All of Retrosance's products can be used on your lawn or in your garden!


To start we send you 2 products: Framework, and Pump.


Framework is packed with living bacteria, beneficial fungi, and enzymes which ensure your plants get the nutrients they need without all the chemicals. Microbes transform the nutrients already in your soil, and make them available for plant uptake! Think probiotics for your lawn and garden.


Pump is our complete fertilizer containing Nitrogen, Ortho-Phosphorus (water soluble) and Potassium along with other essential plant nutrients. This product is  water soluble (biodegradable phosphorus), non-corrosive, seed safe, chloride free, and has a pH that is nearly neutral.


As the seasons change, your lawn will have different needs. Each month you will receive the soil treatment designed for the seasonal needs of you lawn. These two products are just the first in your subscription package!

All Natural Lawn Pack

Price Options
All Natural Lawn Pk
$85.00monthly/ auto-renew