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Image by Luli Sosa Benintende


The Retrocharge   system is a breeze to use. Your starter pack provides everything you need for the first four weeks of growth:

  • our Retrochage  12-week application guide

  • our uniquely formulated organic and natural product blends

  • a watering can

Literally: Just add water. It couldn't be simpler. 


The guide explains which products to apply each week along with a brief description of the benefits they are providing to your soil. A different blend of microbes or nutrients are used each week (as explained in the application guide). Because of the natural composition of these products, and unlike chemical fertilizers, there is no danger of overuse or chemical burn for your plants.

A second pack will arrive in time for weeks five through eight with the specific nutrients needed for that part of the growth cycle. Then, a third mailing customized to your plants' needs in weeks nine through twelve. You will be billed automatically with each mailing.




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