This special solution is good for soils that struggle with sodium content. Sodium and other salts change a plants ability to absorb the water they need. Sans Sal helps plants in sodic soils better deal with water uptake, by moving salt down through the soil profile and away from irrigation areas. High saline soils typically exist with high clay content soils and/or weathered soils. Using Purge at our recommended rates reduces salt near the roots and creates a more balanced soil.


To Apply: Unscrew the lid of the bottle and fill with water to the designated line. Screw lid back on tightly, and turn product 2-3 times gently to mix the water in with the concentrate. Add the mixture to a hose-send sprayer, secure lid, and screw hose into the hose-end sprayer as well. Make sure everything is tightly secured to prevent leaks. Turn hose on, and apply product to lawn or garden. 


This is an add-on product that you can purchase in addition to the starter pack! 


The product comes in an 8 ounce bottle. 

Purge (Single Bottle)