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  • Bronze Plan

    Every month
    For Those Still Needing to Learn How Amazing our Product Is
    • Monthly Products Based on Seasonal Needs of Plants
    • Re-Useable Hose-End Sprayer
    • Re-Useable Measuring Scoop for Young or Potted Plants
    • Instruction Cards for Application
  • Gold Plan

    Every month
    • All of What is Included in the Basic Plan
    • Downloadable Monthly Calendar to Schedule Lawn & Garden Care
    • Access to our "Organic-Only" packages (coming soon!)
    • Garden Planning Recipes (Grown Your Own Meals)
    • Monthly Retrosance Magazine (Tips & Tricks)
    • Partial Access to Lawn & Gardening Videos
    • Free Retrosance Shirt upon Sign-up
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    For Those Who are ALL In!
    • All of What is Included in the Silver and Gold Plans
    • Training to Become a Retrosance Lawn & Garden Expert
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    • "Enlivened By Retrosance" Lawn and Garden Signs
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